Frequently Asked Questions

Tenant Questions

How can I work out if I can afford the rent?

The rent must not exceed 33% of your monthly gross income. For example £1000.00 (gross monthly income) x 0.33 = £330.00 therefore your share of the monthly rent must be £330.00 or less. If the rent over income ratio is greater than 33% a guarantor may be required or rental payments in advance.

What happens if I am a student?

Students will require a UK based guarantor to support them.  The applicant and guarantor will be assessed individually.

What do I do if I am not from the UK?

There are several scenarios for overseas applicants.  Please contact Hogarths to outline your situation.

Who can be my guarantor?

To be an acceptable guarantor an individual must:


  • Be a UK homeowner
  • Can be a relative or a friend
  • Must be happy to sign a guarantor agreement (copy available)


If you are unable to provide proof of sufficient earnings and unable to find a UK guarantor then you will need them to pay six months rent in advance.

What are the rules regarding the registration of deposits?

All deposits have to be either held in or registered with a government approved scheme. Hogarths is registered with which authorizes us to hold deposits. We are also registered with the Deposit Protection Service which is a custodial scheme. Each scheme has slightly different requirements but essentially your deposit will need to be registered or held with one of these schemes soon after the beginning of the tenancy and will remain protected until both sides agree to release it at the end of the tenancy. We will send you documentary proof of where your deposit is held and how it can be released.

What admin fees does Hogarths charge?

We charge tenants £246 inc VAT per tenancy, and £108 inc VAT on renewal.


For a full list of our fees click here

Are there any other costs linked to the tenancy I should be aware of?

It is likely that there will be an inspection undertaken at the beginning and end of the tenancy by an employee of an independent inventory company. The cost of this generally falls to the owner at the start of the tenancy and the tenant at the end. The cost of this varies depending on the size of the property and how furnished it is. We would be happy to give you an estimate of the potential cost for your property.

Once I move into a property who should I contact if I hit any issues?

If the property is managed by the landlord you should contact him/her directly. If, however, we manage it you can send an email to our property management team ( and they will be happy to help resolve the problem.